Is there a set number of hours my VAs can work each week?

Nope, we don’t bill you for hours worked and there’s not a set number of hours your team can work each week. Your team of ZiggyVAs can work from 8am - 5pm your time zone.

How many hours do we get per day?

The cool thing about ZiggyVA is that there is no hour limit. You’ll have a team of ZiggyVAs supporting your business Monday through Friday from 8am - 5pm, point blank period :)

Do I need an internet phone system set up?

You’ll need to have a VOIP (voice over IP) phone number. These are super easy to get and set up. We suggest Grasshopper, RingCentral, Google Voice,, Jive, Dialpad, etc. Once you have your VOIP number you’ll connect it to your ZiggyVA teams phone number so they can begin receiving your calls and texts. We will reach out to you with our number.

Will I always have coverage?

YES! That’s one of the advantages of ZiggyVA! Since ZiggyVAs work as a team, you will always have support for your business. This means 360 coverage and consistent support. No need to worry about not having support due to your VA getting sick, being absent, or one day leaving for another job, your business will always have coverage with ZiggyVA.

Will my VAs be cross-trained or will each only be able to do certain tasks?

All ZiggyVAs are cross-trained on every task, function and software we support.

How would I train a team to know my company as well as one person?

ZiggyVA is a streamlined VA offering focused on the core tasks needed to sustain a business. The way we are able to offer such a great price point, is standardization. ZiggyVAs all work in a team and will follow standard best practices for things like how to handle upset customers, re-clean requests and escalations, etc.

If you would like to train VAs specifically to your business preferences and have particular guidelines and customized operating procedures than ZiggyVA may not be the best option for you.

Can they work weekends?

Yes we can work weekends there is an additional charge, let us know if you need it. We got you.

What if I don’t need support every week? Can I skip a week or two per month?

Our ZiggyVAs are dedicated and work for us full-time, so we wouldn’t be able to operate on a week to week basis, since they depend on this job to support themselves and their families.

What if I want to cancel or pause services?

Sure if you need to cancel or pause services send an email to You must notify us at least 21 days in advance.

Can VAs make cold-calls?

ZiggyVAs can assist with several core support tasks but not cold-calls. For now they can help out with other aspects of phone support and lead management. Maybe cold-calls will be something we look into in the future.

How will you recap with me?

You will receive a recap summary each week from us. This recap will summarize events throughout the week.

What customer booking software do you support

We currently support Launch27 and Booking Koala.

Can they help with tasks for my unrelated other business?

Kudos to you! It's awesome that you have multiple businesses going! But your ZiggyVA team will only be available to help with tasks that support the local service business you signed up with.

Will they be able to handle upset customer calls?

Yes :) ZiggyVAs can definitely handle the fun stuff like upset customers. If the ZiggyVA deems the customer issue should be escalated, they will escalate it up to a ZiggyVA Manager. We will keep you informed every step of the way with detailed notes and updates.

Can they call customers after their cleaning?

Absolutely. We will do customer follow-up calls after each cleaning.

Will they follow my cancellation policy?

Yes ZiggyVAs will follow the cancellation policy you have in your Launch27 dashboard.

Will my ZiggyVAs ever issue customer refunds?

ZiggyVAs will never issue any customer refund without case by case approval from you.

Will my VAs decide who to hire in the hiring process?

No, ZiggyVAs are here to help and support, but you will always make the decision on who to hire and who to reject.

Can ZiggyVAs run background checks?

No, this will be something you’d retain.

Can they help me with Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor, Nextdoor, Angie’s List, etc?

No, currently ZiggyVAs can only assist with Bark, Yelp leads, Google Local Service Leads and Convert27 leads.