With more than 20 years of local service business experience, we’ve trained ZiggyVAs on best practices based on our extensive experience in the industry. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies like yours and we’ve compiled the best ways to start and run a successful local service business. Luckily for you, ZiggyVAs come already trained on the best standard practices for your business.

How it works

  1. Sign Up

    Once you’ve picked your ZiggyVA package and selected any extras, you’ll be prompted to tell us more about your business.

  2. On-boarding

    Have a quick chat with us! We’ll show you around your dashboard and get you prepped, onboarded and ready for your first day!

  3. Go Live

    It’s time, you’re live with ZiggyVA! Meet our team, assign us tasks and never worry about answering your phone again!

Why ZiggyVA?

Work with a trusted

Working with ZiggyVA, you’ll have a team of trained VAs working on your business every day. ZiggyVAs undergo hands-on industry best practice training all in order support your local business.

No Limits, No Time

Yep, you read that right! We don’t count minutes, tasks and there’s no usage limits! ZiggyVAs are there for your business from 8am-5pm EST Monday - Friday & Saturday support as needed.

Delegate Easily &

Assign tasks and easily communicate with your ZiggyVAs throughout the day. All can be done from an easy to use mobile app.

Our Virtual Assistants are Skilled in the Lead
Platforms your Business Uses

Best Practices We Follow

ZiggyVAs are trained on a compilation of standard operating procedures that have helped Rohan, Kevin, Christina and hundred of other successful local service business owners reach multiple 6 figure and 7 figure status. We’ve already done the trial and error and heavy lifting, so you don’t have to!

Learn more about the best practices ZiggyVA will use to support your business Here